What if……

I see hatred on both sides of every issue pretty much daily. It is a cancer that is spreading like wildfire and it scares me because I don’t know how we even begin to stop it. Somehow we ALL need to take a step back, a deep breath, a pause to evaluate our/my role in all this, because none of us are truly innocent. We may not “hate” someone directly, but the things we share on here, the comments we make, are either feeding this monster or starving it. I say we starve it…soon…before it destroys us all.

We pick a side, an issue, or zero in on a fault and/or mistake, and spew our criticisms, slander, and opinions, and vehemently stand our ground All the while, we release more anger and more hatred on an already raging inferno, feeling fully justified and “right”.
We pass stuff around and regurgitate “facts” that we often can’t possibly know whether it is true or not. I mean really, how do you even know what it true anymore???? Even if it is true, does it need to be shared? Someone can be totally legit ugly but do I need to say it, just because it’s true??
WHAT IF, just what if, we started to focus more on the positives, more on the things that unite, or if we absolutely need to make a critical comment, at least do it with respect and dignity. I mean nobody gets it all right, but nobody gets it ALL wrong either, Trudeau, Trump, or even me or you.
I fear for who we are becoming….and the atmosphere we are creating. And I know it’s way bigger than my post, or your post, but we are ALL contributing to this issue, and most of it right on here.
I know this is rather Pollyanna-ish, and I’m not looking for fake or canned niceness….but I do think we need to be more careful, and to honestly evaluate our role, and our responsibility.


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