Tomorrow it’s back to reality, but these memories I will cherish forever….

My seven day work stretch couldn’t end quick enough. I worked until 11 p.m. Wednesday night and by 10 a.m. I was on the road, heading to see some of our children and grandchildren!!!

We had a nine or ten hour stretch ahead of us and it was a beauty of a day for driving!!! Sunshine, A/C, and great company for the trip….

We hadn’t gone 45 minutes yet!!!! LOL

Everything went well until we hit construction just north of North Bay….the one drawback of summer travel!!!

Anyway, I’m just going to flood the rest of this post with pics and captions, except to say that I had the most amazing week… I will cherish forever!!!

Fun in the sun….

Waiting for “Chippy…”

And he came…..right up on the deck with all of us sitting right there.

The adults just enjoying the day….

Then a two night (was only supposed to be one) stop over in Huntsville to see some of our other kids….

I found this little guy stowed away in my clothes when I searched my basket… I guess Macy didn’t want grandma to be lonely…. <3

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