How One Job Turns Into Many…..

It is income tax season and I decided that I would use some of my refund, and my time off, to repaint most/all of our upstairs.

I started in the ‘family’ room where for many years, at different times, it has been used for everything from a bedroom to storage. It has been a long time since it has been set up properly and useable for it’s original intent.

The years had taken a definite toll, and with the help of our son, who plastered and sanded to fix the gouges, and our other son who helped paint, it was time to get it looking good again.

I already had two five gallon pails of paint (that’s a whole other story), so the cost would be minimal but the elbow grease to accomplish this would be significant. I can’t believe how dirty walls and baseboards can get!!!!!! It was nothing short of an embarrassment!!! But it was so good to get it done.

Of course, when you paint the room, you have to do the adjoining hallway, and if you do the hallway, you have to do the two stairways that connect.

Then I decided our bedroom, closet, and master bath was due. It has never been touched since we moved in 15+ years ago. Of course, I wanted a different colour, so off to Home Depot we went.

While painting the bedroom etc., I decided that the furniture in our room, no longer suited the look I was going for. Now this caused me much pause. I had painted walls before, but have never laid brush to furniture in my life!!! To say I was intimidated, would be the king of understatements!!! But, since new furniture was out of the question, it was either leave it alone or get busy.

I scoured the internet for tips, tricks, and tutorials. That alone about drove me crazy!!! Some say you have to sand, others say you don’t. Some recommend this paint and someone else another. Then there is always trying to pick out the colours!!!

Eventually, I settled on what I thought I wanted and headed back to Home Depot. Since I’ve never done furniture before, and had NO idea how much paint it would take, I just bought what I thought would be a good amount. Needless to say, I have too much.

You know what that means, right? I have to paint more furniture to use it all up. Are you seeing a pattern here???

I decided that I only want to do this once, so I was giving it my best shot. That meant I was sanding first!!! Before I could even do that though, I sprayed with TSP and was shocked at the dirt that came of furniture that is normally cleaned almost every week!!!

I’m amazed we haven’t all contracted a deadly disease from all this dirt!!! Kind of a sore subject at the moment……

I decided to start with our night stand. We’ve had it for years, it’s not a family heirloom or priceless antique, so if it didn’t turn out, not a biggie. Besides, it was the smallest piece of everything I thought I wanted to paint.

This is the before…..typical oak style in colour and smooth surface.

See that shine? I worked hard on that!!!!

Once I removed the hardware (you know all those things you find lying around when you’re cleaning? Yeah, took forever to find a screw driver!!) it was sanded and then primed. I went with a grey primer since I wanted good coverage and a compatible colour for the paint. This is just first coat…..I did two.

I had two different colours of paint for the furniture so decided to go with the dark one on top. This is before hardware was replaced. Of course, it had to be ordered because the previous hardware didn’t suit my plan.

Image below is the final product, including said hardware….

Well, for better or worse, there it is. The colour in the bottom picture is more true to actual look.

Here is a ‘before’ and ‘after’….

So now I just have a desk, a second-hand table I just purchased to paint, and maybe an antique wash stand, a couple dressers (possibly) and a book case.

On the bright side, I’ve been semi-isolated and my room looks better. Full disclosure, I may have said some bad words.