The ties that bind….. This is us!

Every. Single. Week.

Who are the writers on this show? How do they know how to pull on my heartstrings in such a hit-home kind of way???

The bad week extended to this weeks episode and it didn’t get any easier. There was loss and grief, memories – both painful and happy, and the threat of a marriage break up.

At the end of it all, the siblings turned to each other. When times were hard, coping was hard, and the future looked scary, the first call they made was to each other.

There have been many times in our home where we had to pull together. We leaned on each other and shared our pain and our grief. When money vanished and the future looked bleak, we hugged, we cried, we talked, and we moved forward……united and together.

My daughter once posted something that epitomized the way we feel. It went something like:

“”I’ve faced challenges that were too big for me – but no problem has ever been bigger than my family”

Stephanie Cragg

This picture was taken at our daughter Katie’s wedding and it was the first time we were all together in one place after five, long, challenging years. Yet, in reality, we never were really apart. Forgiveness, compassion, loyalty, and much laughter carried us through, and does, still to this day.

Our troubles aren’t over. We have no way of knowing what lays ahead and we have no idea what other challenges we will face. But, whatever may come, we will face bravely……together.

To dispel any illusions, we are not perfect. We have fought and said and done things that we all regret, no one more than me.

Sometimes when you really love someone, you say the hard things. You challenge each other to dig deeper and you call out the bull$@it.

‘Perfect’ families, perfect marriages,, they do not exist.

But the ties that bind are forever.