Our Anniversary Weekend Away

We took to the road and headed to the Prince Edward County area to stay in our first ever Airbnb and take our first tour of some wineries.

The place we stayed was wonderful!!! It was the bottom half of a chalet style home. It was clean, modern, and had a great kitchen!!!

The first night we just snacked on cheeses and crackers, olives, and wine… I think I was meant to live in Italy!!

The next morning I made omelets, and we debated what we were going to do for the day since it had rained the night before, and Glenn was actually sick before we left. He had a sore throat and a terrible cough that kept him up for a couple of nights.

But the sun came out and we picked two places that had been recommended to us. The drive was over an hour through some beautiful country. There were lots of farms, rolling hills, and……..tourists.

Our first stop was at Waupoos Estates Wineries. We strolled around the grounds and checked out the grapes. This winery is along the banks of Lake Ontario and though it was quite windy when we were there, the setting is beautiful as are the store and the restaurant. They host weddings and events, and it would be a beautiful spot for a celebration.

The main entrance
Tasting room and store
Party tent for events and the restaurant.
Rows and rows….
There’s my red wine hanging right there….. 🙂

We then went down the road a bit further and found an artisan cheese shop. Along with regular dairy cheeses, they also sold cheese made from goats milk and water buffalo. They don’t keep the animals there, but buy the milk from other producers/farms.

Lots of cheese samples as well as cured meats available
Even the cheese store grows grapes!
So……..a drinking fountain right beside the port-a-potty. Yeah, definitely not!

We then visited the second place on our list…..County Cider Company. Unfortunately, the restaurant was packed and Glenn didn’t feel up to braving the crowds for a tasting. So we just got to take a couple pics and leave.

The restaurant with a patio behind that overlooks rows of grapes and the lake… There are better pictures on their website www.countycider.com

So that was the end of our excursion. We took a different route back to our Airbnb along Hwy 33 and we were surprised at how many other wineries we passed along the way, including Sandbanks which looked huge!

Should we do this again……and we will, I would pay the money for a guided winery tour. You are picked up and chauffeured to four or five different places and can enjoy tastings without worrying about having to drive. I’m sure the drivers would be quite informative and we would get a better overview of the area and all that there is to see.

We picked up some fresh veggies on the way back and I got to make a seafood dish for our dinner and we enjoyed the best white wine I’ve ever had….one we got at the Waupoos winery.

More pics and a recipe coming in the next post… 🙂