Round Two: Day 1


Ignite is the first phase and will last four weeks. The purpose of Ignite is to “ignite” metabolism and begin to burn fat for fuel.

Yes, it’s like keto. Let’s just put that right out there. However, this is a four-week chunk of a twelve-week program……so this phase is not meant to be long-term.

With my 131 Method membership, I am only paying for a membership. There are no supplements required, no shakes, no exercise program to buy. Just a total focus on whole foods and addressing things like systemic inflammation, gut health, microbiome balance etc.

As far as supplements etc., you are encouraged to do whatever it is you feel your body requires. We learn to be intuitive and listen to our bodes, observing reactions to specific foods, activities etc.

The creator of the program was an icon in the fitness industry and spent years achieving ‘success’. She was the one everyone wanted to be, yet walked away from it all after a brain scan revealed that she was anything but healthy and in fact, heading toward becoming quite ill because of the stress her body was under due to the extreme measures of diet and exercise undertaken to maintain the industry status quo of beauty and fitness.

When I did the 12 weeks originally, I basically just dabbled. I was feeling my way, deciding what was and wasn’t for me, how much rang true with the things I’d already begun to research and investigate, and most of all……IS IT HEALTHY!!!

I could lose a ton eating meat, cheese, and eggs all day….but that is not health.

So as I begin my second round, it is in much more earnest because I believe in the principles being taught and this program is so in sync with what so many of the few people I respect in the health industry, are saying.

Key points that are important to me:

  • very little (if any) processed foods but rather an abundance of whole foods with as little adulteration possible
  • plants and veggies are key components in all the nutrition phases
  • switching up the diet phases as I’ve seen how suddenly, even though I am staying true to the plan I was following, my body becomes adapted and not only do I stop losing weight, but actually begin to gain.
  • there is a wealth of information provided via audio, video, and written articles, and much of the information comes from outside sources
  • the recipes are simple and delicious
  • the focus is about achieving true, internal health vs just losing weight or looking good.

I am excited to see what this next 12 weeks brings…..

So, here is breakfast, day 1….

  • Sous Vide eggs done in Instant Pot (I LOVE my Instant Pot!!)
  • Flax pita with homemade coconut butter
  • Bullet proof coffee with MCT oil, collagen, butter, and a little vanilla and cinnamon

More meal prep tomorrow…..I will post pics!! 🙂

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