Low carb breads and buns…..

Meal prep isn’t just a hobby or a pastime, it is CRUCIAL in my quest to eat healthy!!! Schedules, demands, unexpected events etc…..or even just plain being tired, are all a recipe for nutrition disaster unless I have foods ready that don’t sabotage my success.

It used to be sandwiches, or toast that I grabbed quick. The other culprit was leftover pasta or rice casseroles. If I could just have a reasonable sized serving, it would have been one thing, but no… I mean seriously, who eats a cup of spaghetti???????

I don’t eat nearly as much bread, and when I do it is usually one slice of a sprouted grain bread or a low-carb pita or lavash. However, today I tried two new recipes; one for a psyllium husk bread and the other a low-carb sandwich bun.

I can’t give the recipe for the buns because it would be a violation of the membership……but the bread recipe I found while reading an article on psyllium husk on the public blog.

I am learning that low carb breads usually contain some, even a lot, of eggs. Neither of these recipes had eggs, which is why I wanted to try them.

Some of the other ingredients often found in keto bread and buns are:

  • almond flour
  • coconut flour
  • psyllium husk
  • ground flax
  • apple cider vinegar and baking powder for leavening

For a really good article on the benefit and uses for psyllium husk, click here.

For the bread recipe, click here.

So I haven’t tasted the buns yet, I will probably bring one tomorrow to work. The bread flavour is really good, but I think I squished it too much when I was kneading. It tastes great but slices are small and a little crumbly.

Trial and error….but it will still eat!!!

Enjoy!!!! Comment below if you try this or have other favourites!!! Always looking for new recipes!!!

UPDATE: The bun was really good!!!!

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