About me…

I am deeply married – most days happily, others, not so much (just keeping it real here). I have a husband who has the patience of Job, and has put up with way more from me than I ever would, for 35 years now. I have nine imperfect-but-amazing kids, and for some incomprehensible reason, Jesus really loves me.

My passions are my family, cooking, and the grace of God.

I lived my Christian life for over twenty years trying to be what I thought I was supposed to be as a good Christian, and while I knew in my head that God loved me, and could believe in that unconditional love for everyone else, I fell into the trap of feeling that my acceptance was determined by my performance. You can imagine how well that worked. So well, in fact, that after 20+ years of trying, failing, trying harder, I found myself defeated, hopeless, and experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Then one day, in November of 2001, having exhausted all of my own strength and effort, I experienced the incredible revelation that all my striving to become acceptable and all that I thought I was supposed to be (and failing miserably), I already was in Him!! Now I live, not for who I am trying to become but from who I already am because of Him!

So this is me sharing my journey. I am many things. I am a wife, a mother, and a Christian determined to live out of, and dependant on, the life of Christ in me.

I work outside the home as both a Patient Care Unit Clerk and a Patient Registration Clerk.

I love to cook, I have made quilts, and though I’m not ready to go off grid or become totally green, or vegetarian, or raw……I do want to begin growing more of our own produce and am interested in composting, starting a worm farm, dehydrating etc., in an effort to become more self-sufficient and less dependant on a food industry that I increasingly neither trust, or approve of.

I am middle-aged and menopausal. Okay,…..so technically, I am probably post-middle-aged and post-menopausal!!! Either way, I have realized that I am running out of time to really begin to take care of my health!

As a wife and mother, most of my adult life has been spent taking care of others – for which I make no apologies and have no regret!!! But working in a hospital has opened my eyes to:

  • What happens when you don’t take care of yourself, eat whatever you want, and abuse the body we’ve been given.
  • How important mobility and strength are later on in life and how quickly you can lose them both!

At present I have achieved a 65-70lb weight loss (depending on the day), and still would ideally like to lose another35lb. But the mobility and strength thing, did I mention that I HATE exercise????? Yep, not good, I know….but there it is!! So I am trying to find things I actually enjoy that will contribute to my health goals.

I called this blog “My Relentless Pursuit” for two reasons

  1. You can’t give up!!!! As my tag line states, you don’t always get it right the first time, or the next time, or even the time after that!! If it’s important, if it’s worthwhile, then you’re probably going to have to fight for it!! I am learning that I have to be relentless in my pursuit of the things that matter to me, in spite of my failures and many attempts!
  2. I have been relentlessly pursued by a relentless God with a relentless love.

So join me, won’t you….in my relentless pursuit of faith, health, family….and of course, food!

And wine, did I mention that I like wine…. (again, just keeping it real)

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me did not prove vain; but I labored even more than all of them, yet not I, but the grace of God with me.” 1 Corinthians 15:10