It begins…..

Harvest is starting to occur…. Fresh kale, Thai chilies and one habanero, oregano, and rosemary.

We want to get a smoker to do the peppers, but in the meantime we will go ahead and dehydrate the ones that are starting to ripen. We are going to have TONS!!! Still have jalapeños that are starting to really produce!!! Something ate most of the dill (Grrrr….) and we still have thyme, cilantro, and chives coming as well. I should/could have taken some of them off too, but it started to rain.

The tomatoes are ripening like crazy and have produced abundantly!!! The only plants I really struggle with are my lettuces and basil. I’m thinking they might not like full sun. My basil was doing so well too, and then pretty much overnight they looked terrible and haven’t really come back since!!! I’ve pruned, made sure they don’t dry out…. I’ve never had a lot of luck, especially with basil!! :(. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

One of my favourite new-to-me finds is cress. So peppery and flavourful!!! Grows really well too, and I am sure it will be one of the ones I will grow inside over the winter.

Lunch today: chicken salad on kale leaves, it’s a ‘wrap’ folks… :).

Ready for first dehydration from our garden…. Kale chips will be tried next!

A Truth to Celebrate

I know I say this every year…..but I would give anything to have seen the look on Satan’s face when he realized that Jesus was not dead as he had hoped, but ALIVE!!!! 

He’s still alive today….and He lives in me….and you if you’ll have Him, with that same resurrection power on tap. We are not left to our own ability or our own strength, but we have a super-natural power source to live victoriously, triumphantly, and to be more than a conquerer, regardless of the hardships and challenges that cross our paths. 

It’s not about circumstances or conditions. He came to “heal the broken-hearted” and “set the captive free”. It is an inner work and His whole goal is to bring us to deeper levels of freedom in all the areas of our lives. “It is for freedom that Jesus set us free…”

Do you long for freedom, for healing from trauma and pain? Today could be the beginning of your journey….

I’m sorry but the bunny can’t help you….