Sixteen things I’ve learned while raising nine children….

16. Motherhood is not for wimps.

15. I will never learn how to cook for two again!!!  I hope Glenn likes leftovers!

14. Time marches way too quickly….. Cuddle while you can.

13.  Apparently, I don’t need nearly as much sleep as I once thought I did…….barely any, actually!!

12.  “Morning” sickness is a definite misnomer!!

11.  It is important to have a clean house……but probably not as important as I made it.  :'(

10.  It is NOT child abuse for children to have chores and responsibilities!  If you want to raise responsible adults, you don’t wait until they’re adults to give them responsibility.

9. If you forget the same child 3 different times, 3 different places, they hesitate to let you out of their sight anymore!!!.  True story!

8.  If you do your job right, you will not always be the most popular person in the house.

7. If you do your job right, later on in life, you ARE one of the absolute most important people in their lives!

6. Give your children room to make choices and mistakes.  Confidence is built, not by being coddled, sheltered, and rewarded for no effort, but by being challenged and having something required of them.  They need to experience both  the disappointment of failure, and the sense of accomplishment in success.  As Anne Landers said, ““It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

5. There are no words that could even begin to express the depth of the love you feel for your children.

4. A mother’s heart can feel incredible, unspeakable pain and still keep beating………….and loving. <3

3. On those days when life was hard and I felt like giving up, it was my kids that kept me going and gave me a reason to keep getting out of bed and moving forward.  I will be forever grateful….

2. I will do and accomplish many things in life, but not one of them will EVER compare, nor take precedent, over being a Mom.  It is my calling, my passion; the most rewarding and most heartbreaking thing I will ever do!!

1. If I had time, I would have had at least nine more because my kids are awesome!!