The image we portray…

It’s so easy on social media to make life look perfect……….picture perfect.
I posted a picture of Glenn and I at a marriage retreat we are attending this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, all the positive comments mean a lot and are very appreciated. However…one picture doesn’t tell the whole story and I don’t want to leave anyone with a false impression.

Glenn and I struggle……..a lot! In fact, there was a season where I thought I might leave. This is in no way trying to lay blame, I’m sure the thought may have crossed his mind as well!!!! I just want to make you aware that we don’t have it all together, no matter how cute the picture is.
We have huge personality differences, conflicting work schedules, and after 33 years and nine kids, we have experienced a significant drift.

Don’t get me wrong, we love each other deeply, but maintaining the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our relationship began to take a back seat to years of stress, fatigue, and emotional distance.
Truth be told, probably the only reason we are still together is because Glenn is such an amazing man and puts up with a lot.

But he’s not perfect, neither am I.

I’m thankful for the material we’ve been given this weekend but on its own, it won’t do much. It’s going to require something from both of us and it will be a life-long pursuit of oneness and true intimacy.